Revive Vinyl, Rubber & Trim Dressing

by KryptoCoat®

Add a sharp complimentary look to your freshly detailed vehicle by dressing and protecting your Vinyl, Rubber or Trim with our top of the line formula. This dry-to-the-touch dressing instantly bonds to the surface for superior shine. Perfect for bumpers, trim, dashboards, door panels, mirrors and much more. Advanced ultraviolet blockers help prevent cracking, fading and discoloration in all seasons. The water-based formula is safe on all surfaces.

FEATURES: Non-greasy, UV Protection, Long lasting. 

        WHAT'S IN THE BOX? (1) Revive Vinyl, Rubber & Trim Dressing 16OZ bottle.

          DIRECTIONS: Apply product to surface or applicator pad. Spread evenly across surface. Allow 10 seconds for dressing to dry.